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About Jackie


Jackie was born in Staffordshire. She possessed an amazing singing voice and together with Tony Hatch  wrote the soundtrack to so many peoples lives over the last 50 years

Jackie preferred the word friends rather than fans. She always loved chatting to them personally and loved reading their stories and memories

We have a selection of memorabilia, books, CD's and DVD's for you to peruse and buy online


It's the Autobiography they tried to stop!


2016 will finally see the autobiography that Jackie had spent the last few years writing finally released. She spent many hours with Colin and her personal diaries from the years finally putting in print in her own words the stories that shaped her life (not all of them pleasant). Because of the content this is why this has taken so long to produce.


Jackie wanted this story to be released, although other didn't, to explain some of the unexplained. There are passage written in Jackies own hand together with lots of pictures from a life in the public eye.


Press the memorial picture to see more details and read some of the excerpts.


Further details of publication date will be on the website soon.


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