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With a career that spanned more than 50 years, where do you start with photos?


Here are some of Jackie's own favourite professionally taken photos.


This selection starts in Stoke-on-Trent in her days as Coal Queen, through her first autograph signing.


The final photograph, taken just a couple of years before her death, was taken during a recording session in Staffordshire on one of Jackie's final visits home

Professional Photos

Again just a selection of pictures that Jackie chose personally to show a mixture of private life through to public engagements.


Pictures including the SODS (society of distinguished songwriters) including Don Black and Lionel Bart. Michael Aspel  after surprising Jackie and Tony with the Big Red Book on This is your Life.


Also pictured are legendary performers like Bea Arthur of Golden Girls, right through to the line ups for Royalty

The World of Showbiz

It didn't matter where Jackie went, people took pictures; some performers would call then fans, but to Jackie many of them became, and were quite rightly

referred to, as Friends



Again here is just a selection of the more recent pictures taken

Fan Photos