So many people ask where the inspiration comes from when I write lyrics. Is it about a person, situation or time in my life. Well here are some answers as I reveal the story behind the songs.

‘Lyrics’ ~ Who am I?’

On my first trip to New York, in 1966, flying in over the Statue of Liberty – with the Empire State Building and the whole Metropolis spread below me - I thought: ‘So this is the Big Apple?’

It certainly had been one of those wonderful dreams: I was like a kid looking in the window of a candy store. So much to see and take in; as the Hudson River sparkled in the sunshine, welcoming me to the incredible Manhattan skyline.
God bless America.

But it was only when I stood in awe on 5th Avenue that I realised just how small and insignificant I really felt. This city was alive with noise; where people didn’t walk - they seemed to run everywhere.
This was their life and their daily routine; probably mundane to them, but a hell of a lot faster than London; just maybe asking themselves the very same question - Who Am I?’

My constant standby notebook flew to hand and the words just flowed......

‘The buildings reach up to the sky
The traffic thunders on the busy street
The pavement slips beneath my feet
I stand alone and wonder
Who am I?

I close my eyes and I can fly
And I escape from all this worldly strife
Restricted by routine of life
And still I can’t discover
Who am I?

The words had an instant feeling of being ‘just right.’
Up there with the sky, my feet firmly on the ground, with somebody who loves you, I thought: ‘How lucky you are.’

Tony, I’ve got this lyric.’
And quickly, melody followed lyric, climbing in unison with the skyscrapers from the very first notes....

Pet Clark instantly loved the song; and had another Top Ten hit in the bag!